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  1. Does anyone have the capacitance and resistance values for on and off times for turn signal flasher IC NE-555 for diode lights? I bought what was SUPPOSED to be a flasher switch and it turned out to be just
    a DPDT switch with both black leads bridged together and red feed to both. STUPID! I was expecting too much for $1.79 with free shipping from China, but since you can buy a working
    calculator made in China from Dollar Tree for $1.00 I took a chance.

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    a 555 is a bit of overkill for a flasher unit. um... i would be thinking, something like a 10uF cap and a 100k resistor... long time since i played with the 555. 1.1CR isnt it? and duty cycle is usually 50%, depending on circuit. with my 1.1 X 100,000 X 0.000,01 = 1.1 seconds! not bad for a guesstimate ;) 100uF and 10k would do the same.

    far easier to use a relay, with a CR network on it, like they do in auto flashers...or just buy an auto/motorbike flasher? what you bought IS a flasher switch... you didnt expect it to actually contain the flasher as well, did you? :p

    solid state stuff will have serious issues with the CDI and its EM interference...