Need advice on my scwhinn stingray build

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by calebkdesign, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. calebkdesign

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    I've scowered all the motored bike forums and I think Im in the right direction.

    I found a stingray on craiglist for $30.

    I found the motor mount and exhaust I want to use on eBay from Barry.

    I'm left now to decide on the motor and if I'll need any further parts for the motor conversion. Such as hub converter, extended chain, etc.

    What would be the ideal motor for the mount and exhaust from Barry and the stingray in FL, it's very flat here so I think I'll only need a 40t sprocket.

    I'd just like to know I'm on the right path before I start buying anything.

    Thanks for any advice, this is a great forum!

  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Let's've found some sort of motor mount and an exhaust and you want to match parts to it? Might be difficult.

    Why not just buy a motor kit? It'll almost surely be less expensive than individual parts and you'll have everything without putting any time and effort into making sure that you have everything.
  3. azbill

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    the mount is needed on a OCC to clear the big back tire
    the smaller diameter of the rear will let you go 36tooth easily and not lose torque for take-off
    as for the engine...they are all a carp shoot :( (I have seen good and bad from same factories)
    go with someone who will give service if needed