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  1. It there something I can do to my 50cc 2 stroke engine that will increase the power and torque of the motor, like a fuel additive or a performance boosting part?I need to know before Friday morning

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    hydrazine works wonders
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  3. What is it and where can I buy it?
  4. R u crazy that stuff is highly explosive and unstable!!!!
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    yes, I am crazy. you gotta be to ride one of these things. hydrazine works by scavenging oxygen, and I'm sure you know what more oxygen means. blend with nitromethane and you make about 3 times the horsepower compared to regular pump gas

    want an answer that's slightly less likely to kill you? try an oxygenated race fuel. I like sunoco EX02. or you get another engine entirely. denardis 50ccs make for some pretty quick bikes.
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    one huge advantage of hydrazine, you know those flames you want your bike to shoot? it'll shoot them with hydrazine. it'll be green too, and green fire is always neat. whether it'll shoot them out of your exhaust or out of the top of your engine and into your crotch depends on how overzealous you get
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  7. Green flames wood be nice but I am looking for a cheaper option
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    Have you been on Jaguar's dragonfly dot something site and read all the tips on how to get more efficiency (power from the same rpm)? He types out the short version about every week on here I think, lol. The majority of these small modifications are free or very very cheap to do. Go and read his site! :)
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    the hydrazine itself is inexpensive, it's the medical bills that'll cost big money.
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    Post of the year.
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    Butre- that was what I was referring to as expensive.
    FurryOnTheInside-thanks I will
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    A reed valve intake system is amongst the best improvements you can make to increase useable torque, but it wont increase peak power.
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  15. I use to use hydrolazine in aviation fuel also satellite space fuel also for high energy chemical combustion lasers,good stuff.
  16. I take the take both screens outta my exhaust it doesn't increase but it keeps you from loosing horse power
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