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    I am a big bicycle fan and have always wanted one with an engine. I was always looking but they were either too much money or sold qucikly. Luckly one day my brother happen to be going to the store on a early saturday morning on his bike. Returning more quickly than usual i thought he forgot his wallet or sum'n but excited he said hey come check out this garage sale up the road, they even have a motorized bike for sale. This was my calling, the moment i had been waiting for, all the work i put in towards trying to find one and now the universe sends the flow of power back my way. so i drop everything and go check it out with him. The bike was real nice, professionally installed slant engine on a beach cruiser body, the guy was asking 125. He told me he hasnt used it in a long time and that the carbuerator wld have to be cleaned. So i talk him down on the price and we agree on 110. Luckly we got there early or someone woulda bought it quick. So i never ended up cleaning the carb and just kept building speed and trying to start it until it fired up and i was cruising fast. I like this bike and use it quite a bit but would prefer the mountain bike look and plus the gear changing. I cant wait to get an engine new and hook one up myself. Id eventually want a 4stroke engine on an all black diamond back mountain bike. I will keep posted with any new knowledge i gain or stories of the open road. remember these are basically motorcycles and can be very dangerous driving in traffic or crossing busy streets so dont rush, take your time, joy ride.

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    Sounds like you got a deal there. Wish I had luck like that. Enjoy yourself.
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    Welcome and post a pic when you get a chance! What city are you near?
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    Great deal on that one. Wish I had some luck like that. welcome and show the pics