NEW $80 Grubee Skyhawk 48cc Engine KIT black

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by dv8cam, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. dv8cam

    dv8cam Guest

    RARE ALL BLACK model. $80 + $40 shipping & handling & insurance or local pick up. New in box, engine taken out only for pic. THIS IS THE COMPLETE BIKE KIT WITH ALL PARTS!!!


    Package includes
    1. Grubee SkyHawk GT2 2 Cycle 48cc Engine Kit 2. High Performance Low Profile Carburetor 3. Upgraded Hush Muffler

    4. Clutch Cable

    5. Drive Chain Idler

    6. High Quality Japanese Main Bearings

    7. 415 Bike Chain

    8. Chain Tension Guide

    9. Chain Guard

    10. Spark Plug
    11. CD Ignition Coil
    12. Upgraded Alloy Push Clutch Lever

    13. Upgraded Twist Throttle and cable with matching grip

    14. Universal Plate for larger frame tube diameters

    15. Black Teardrop Gas Tank (2L)
    16. Fuel Line
    17. Throttle Cable
    18. Clutch Cable

    19. Gasoline Tank Switch
    20. Sprocket Clamp Assembly
    21. Sprocket Clamp Bolts

    22. Large Spring (Heat Shield Spring)
    23. Extension Spring (Recoil Spring)

    24. High Quality Needle Bearings on Both Ends Crank

    25. 44 Tooth Chrome Sprocket with 9 Holes

    26. Magneto

    27. Kill Switch

    28. Bonus: Sprocket Removal Tool

    29. Bonus: Spark Plug Removal Tool

    30. Bonus: Extra Spark Plug Included in Tool Kit

    31. All the needed mounting brackets, gaskets, and hardware

    I am also selling a Manic Mechanic alloy engine mount bracket that fits 1" frame tubing like that found on Worksman Cycles - $30 plus shipping.

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  2. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    I'm interested

    I just got one of these from Bikeberry and its awesome for a first time hobby builder.

    I gave $130 plus shipping, but I don't really know whats the going rate for this specific one. the black motor does look good on my bike!

    I am interested if you still have it. I can't buy immediately, but may buy if someone doesn't get it first, for a backup/extra.

    This thing is so much fun!
  3. jjstanza

    jjstanza New Member

    Where are you located?