new design carby munaki (spelling?)

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  1. jlebh1

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    any one who has tryed the new zbox carby it is great added acceleration and a bit of top end and just all round great running. although because there wasnt enough room in my frame my dad and I took it to a muffler shop (his friend owns it) and they cut it off so the manifold and the bit that you has the holes in it to bolt onto the motor and turned it and welded it so the carby would go out to the side. But then another problem was that the clutch arm was in the way so I tilted the carby to the side and it worked fine. great acceleration and top end now. plus it has a remote choke lever. and it idels great too.

    it is $65 though but for the price it is worth it (I think the chinese have started making decent products)

    all in all a great purchase

    here is there website - the carby is about half way down.

    if anyone in australia was thinking of getting one I would reccomend it.

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  2. fetor56

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    Good to hear they made a working improvement to this carby....does it have a mixture screw?
  3. jlebh1

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    ye its got a mixture screw. but I was suprised as soon as I put it on this afternoon i went for a ride and pulled the clutch in and it was idleing without changing anything so it must be pretuned for the 70cc HT?
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Mikuni is a Japanese company that is used on a lot of Japanese motorcycles
    and aftermarket for other brands.

    I doubt if the carb is pre tuned
    You need to set the mixture for your bike

  5. jlebh1

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    oh ok thanks for the info. I literally put the carby on and it worked great with my engine (just luck I guese)
  6. cowan.15

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    Hi, I bought the same carby, but I dont think it runs as good as my stock one. Installed it on my stock 48cc, it too idled well from the start, but at WOT the bike doesnt seem to pull full revs. Its like it needs more fuel. Sprayed some WD40 on the inlet side of the carb, and the revs went up, so I've siliconed the inlet to stop the air leak. Gonna test it again tomorrow, and borrow a speedo so I can see the how fast it goes. Might refit the stock carb and compare the difference. What is the purpose of the fuel line that goes from the bowl to the top side of the carb? Is my next step to open up the main jet? ps running a 44T
  7. jlebh1

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    did you get yours from zbox? mine does that too it idles great but it doesnt rev to max rpm. ive got too get some more wd40 tomorrow does anyone know how to start the happy time engines without using the rear wheel? (drill?), my rear wheel just buckled this morning so I need to get a new stronger one id get one from wheel master but it would be too expensive (getting a quote for a 8 guage rear wheel). how did you get the carby to fit in the frame? did you use the long bolts and the extra spacer that comes with the carby from zbox? I bought the 76 jet from zbox. I havent opened up the carby is the jet in the same place as the stock one? and I think that that line from the bowl to the top of the carb is like a return fuel line because out tanks have no place for it.
  8. cowan.15

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    zbox didnt have them in stock when I was looking for one, so got it from Spookytooth instead.....quick shipping too. Had to cut my intake manifold, put a slight bend in it and reweld it so now the carby sticks out the lhs of the frame, and allows the airfilter to clear the back tube of the bike. Didnt use any bolts or spacers that came with it. I havent opened up the carb yet, but I'd say mainjet is the one in the centre of the carb - I think you remove the fuelbowl and float to get to it, and its the jet in the centre. Spewing that it doesnt really improve performance as it is, but it looks pretty trick. Might have to drill out the mainjet to get more fuel thru.
  9. jlebh1

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    I just took the bowl off there is a main jet in the bowl the float on it is different there is another thing there aswell looks like a weird kind of needle. also with the revs it could be an improper seal or it could be that the muffler is not good with a performance carby. even if you did the exaust mod it wont do much just louder and a bit of accelleration mab bit of top end you having a 48cc could just bolt a performance pocket bike expansion chamber on with a bit of modding. when I get my welder I was planning on getting the expansion chambers and custom making them to fit on these engines i.e. ones for 48cc, 70cc. ones for more rpm top end and ones for great acceleration for ppl with a smaller sprocket. im going to test them on my bike first. the easy way to make them to fit the frame would be cut the stock muffler off put the tube up then cut the expansion chamber till the chamber slide over and weld. then shorter header for top end stock for all round or more for acceleration
  10. cowan.15

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    I've got an expansion chamber coming that I got off ebay, which I'll modify to fit the bike - all the posts say about 12" from exhaust manifold to start of expansion chamber. But before I do this, I want to work out what the new carb is doing compared to the old one. I'd like to know why the bike wont rev out with the new carb.
  11. jlebh1

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    yes that is a good idea. if I want too I can use my dads friends muffler shop on the weekend. but I might be starting a fitter and turner apprenticeship next year so I could do it there :) (and get paid) :)
  12. jlebh1

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    the carb has 2 mixture screws have you has a chance to try it out better? my bikes been at eh bike shop for a month now still looking for a wheel I might just get another cheap wheel insted.