New gear box design


Irish John

Indeed it is and as for the reverse pull your right I wish we could come up with a better solution maybe next batch.any ideas on how? If it were up to us the engager should not be on there at all just remove it because you have a centrifugal clutch and don't need it but don insist on safety so he wont remove it we asked

Have you tried riding a HS/Hoot without an engager? Try it and you'll see what purpose the engager serves. It is what makes the Grubee better than the Hoot. As for this 'one step' at a time horse droppings - this gearbox has been around for enough years to have been vastly improved by an engineer with half a brain but it hasn't. There are so many good engineering design services out there that I've heard they are even selling them!
Just employ someone good enough to redesign it for you so it has smooth running gears and an engager that engages when you release the clutch. Make it so it is self lubricating without the lubricant getting on the centrifugal clutch. All these excuses about how hard it is and give us time etc. - I know 'Rome wasn't built in a day' but then I wasn't the foreman on that job!