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Jul 23, 2008
Bozeman MT
Hey guys I just thought I would give the 4stroke community a heads up on the new and improved Grubee gear boxes they are going to come with a rubber seal 7 bolt cover and a cover on the engaging lever so if you prefer to run a "WET" gearbox there shouldn't be any leaks or messes I put some pix on too to give you an idea.let me know what you think and your ideas.


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That cover is the only difference I see- a welcome change, but the engager looks like it is still the reverse of what it should be.
Indeed it is and as for the reverse pull your right I wish we could come up with a better solution maybe next batch.any ideas on how? If it were up to us the engager should not be on there at all just remove it because you have a centrifugal clutch and don't need it but don insist on safety so he wont remove it we asked
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I have reversed the bracket and spring....but after riding, I ditched the cable altogether because I never touched the handle in 100 miles.

Here is a pic of what I originally did.


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wow man thats a sweet lookin rig you got goin on there I like that alot man thumbs up to you strong work!
yep there still straight cut gears I'm not sure why people feel the gear boxes were noisy unless you have a old one not form me because there was an original batch first that came out and from what I have heard were pretty noisy my proto bike has a fairly old one on it and I run it dry and is kinda noisy but my new daily bike is quiet I run bearing grease in it ..... is what I think we need to work on is a quiet muffler for these guys I see scooters all the time and never hear them why cant our bikes be like that I have a stock and a long fancy poopoo and both a loud poopoo not so much but still a bit noisy.... I think that with any gear box your always going to have some noise and chatter from the gears meshing but I'm not an engineer nor am I saying theses lil buggers don't make some noise all in all I guess with the help of others on here and from our people hopefully we can grow and make what people want due to the fact that we can get what we want we just need the input and the many many man hours we can get from thousands of like minded people learning and growing off each others ideas so please feel free to give suggestions and details or whatever it all helps me know what the consumers want and need to make this thing work ... plus you have to remember these 4stroke kits are somewhat new and in the very early stages I'd like to see different gear combos inside the box itself as well maybe diff gear types idk just options I guess but thats in the future for now we have what you seen up top and we are trying our best to do what is best for all of us in the MB world its easy to say it would be nice but it takes a lot of retooling and molding to make things happen on a scale like this but it is possible one step at a time and WE DO NEED YOUR HELP
nope just the chokes are going to be remote ie. handlebar mount just for fit ease and convenience and that half the plastic ones broke in shipping ummm I think thats it just a better seal a cover and the chokes I just hope people have good ideas we can work with and make a quality 4 stroker I personally would like to see a 4stroke resemble the 2s I know it can be done its just a matter of when and how much its alot of work to get set up like that but I see somethin like the Chinese 4s mopeds just configured a bit with mounts and possibly cylinder angle IDK just ideas Id like to see in the future and with support anything is possible.
When are you going to have some in stock?

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