New Guy from Colombia at the planning stage

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    Hello everyone, I am just joining the bandwagon on motorized bicycles, before buying anything I am trying to read as much as possible. So far my interest lies in an HS 4g engine kit with t-belt, (honda clone I believe) according to the web page it even comes with an electric generator for the optional light (how recommened is this?)

    and pair it with the SBP 4 stroke shift kit:

    According to what I have read all this can be adapted to standard mountain bike frame (triangular) as long as a 9.5 by 8.5 rectangle can bit inside the triangle. This is my option (and choice) as the schwinn body frames (old style) are not easy to come by over here.

    This is my beginner's knowledge and would greatly appreciate any insight on my plans.

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    I am next door to you in Ecuador but only have experience with the 2 stroke Grubee engine. good luck!