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    My name is Tom and I live in Kingman AZ which is in the Northwest part of the state . I'm about 120 miles or so south of Vegas . I enjoy hunting , reloading and prospecting . My interest in motorized bikes has been piqued because of their abilities to cover some of the more inhospitable ground here in AZ . I have a Baja Bug and I want to stick a motorized bike on the back to get even farther back into the gold country . I live right off Route 66 which is the way into town . The bike can also be used to scoot there on small shopping trips . It's about 40 miles round trip .I am also researching hydrogen as a fuel . It looks possible BUT the price might prove to outweigh my needs .We'll see what develops .

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    Welcome to the forum!
    I too have thought of hydrogen as a fuel, but to go about it in the manner that I originally thought of is not practical with current technology.
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    welcome from FH :)
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    I use mine for quick and small grocery trips. Broke open a 12 pack on the rode once. Since having this i have only fueled my normal car 2-3 times this summer. My MB and mower share the same 2 gal. tank of gas for close to a month.
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    I have thought about the experiment in HS Science class . It was called "Electrolysis" where ionized water is split into Oxygen and Hydrogen . I'm thinking that with a bit more power and larger tubes to collect the gases . What is needed is a way of knowing how much Hydrogen is present . Next is a way of draining the Hydrogen from the tube BUT not taking air . This will be pumped into a canister and then connected to a 4 cycle engine on a bike .My buddy (a retired science teacher ) says that in theory it would work . It looks like the following must be present . More power , larger tubes to hold the gases , a way of draining the Hydrogen from the larger tube (a hose stuck up to the bottom (top) of the large test tube .( Since the test tubes are upside down) . A way of controlling a compressor so I can start it when Hydrogen is available and quickly stop when the supply dwindles . My buddy also thinks that a compression ratio of 9.5:1 would be needed . Any thoughts ???
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    Go to utube and search for EBN, or Zero Fossil Fuel, scarecrow labs, or HHO, or brown's gas.

    The technology is close, very close, but not quite viable yet.
    I have made a little torch, and a few "bottle bombs" with it, but nothing that could produce what is necessary to run an MB down the road without a really long extension cord.

    If anyone else here wants to mess with it, do your research first. It can poison you, blow up your garage, or worse. It is awesome, but must be respected.
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    What could be worse then poisoning yourself, or blowing your self up in your garage.... I can't think of much....:confused:
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    Just making a point, Ron.
    I risk all of that every day tinkering in the garage.
    Messing with HHO is not a certain death scenario, it just needs to be respected.
    Some folks treat it like it's not potentially dangerous, and I wanted to warn against that train of thought.