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    Hi guys,

    My name is Bob and I'm new to motorized bicycles. I have very little knowledge as to where to start. I have been reading a ton on here and have an idea what I'm looking at getting but I'd love to pick your brains. I'm sure you guys know what's best for what I'm looking to do. Also what to stay away from.

    Im looking for a nice comfortable bike that I can ride for hours if needed. (Cruiser probably?) One with good brakes. Something with at least 3 speeds so that I could later add a shift kit to it when my inner speed demon takes over. An engine that will take me there for a good price. I'm thinking a 4 stroke because of the ease of just gassing up at any station and hitting the throttle without the use of a clutch on the bars. I work about 6 miles away so a round trip of 12 miles. I'd like to ride in on the nice days vs drive the car.

    Im im looking at some cruisers from wallmart and sears and just not sure how good they are. My girlfriend has a Electra townie and that bike is so smooth, are the cheap bikes close to that quality or are they far from it? I know I can't get an amazing bike for cheap but if I can get close to that ride she has for cheaper that would be awesome.

    Your our thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Any recommendations on bicycles would be awesome too.

    Thanks a lot and what I've seen so far I'm going to enjoy it here.


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    I root for OSU, SORRY.
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    To fit your most pressing requirement, you will need to get a shift kit from the very start. From the safety side of things, your bike should be fitted with front and rear disk brakes with the front disk rotor upgraded to at least an 8 inch rotor.

    To achieve reasonable comfort, the bike seat and seat post will need to be replaced with a Cane Creek LT Seat Post which will then be fitted with a wide gel filled seat.

    2-stroke or 4-stroke, it's your choice. A 2-stroke engine is weighs less and is easier to work on and is just as reliable as a 4-stroke if fitted with a Jaguar CDI and the carburettor is jetted correctly.