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    Hey guys, long time reader, first time posting.

    I'm putting together a Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser, and I've included pics of the bike and the fabricated fuel tank I made for it. I come from a custom car fabricating background, and metal fab is a serious hobby of mine.

    I've learned a lot already from the forums, and hope to learn more!

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    Welcome turbobuick1. Great looking tank fab. Hope to see more of your work. Start a new thread on your build, separate from your intro
    and post photos there. (If you haven't already)

    I use the product below when I make a new tank. Or have a rusty or pitted tank.
    Since yours is now considered new you should be able to get by with just the
    tank coating/sealer (8oz) You would have to flip your bike over and around to coat
    everything inside. I have used this 6 times and highly recommend it.

    Have fun!

    Just click "close" on the "Tank Kits" window when it opens.
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    Thanks Graucho, I've actually already used POR15's fuel tank sealer in these pictures, they make a small can intended for motorcycles, but what an excellent product it is. I will be putting up a build thread soon. Thanks for the welcome!