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    I finished my first build two days ago. I can see the issues with the kits tensioners and chain clearances already. The bike had to be carried home today from the plastic tensioner failing. I got lucky in that the chain did not ruin any major components. Like the engine. LOL! Its seems this machines are pure custom. through and through. The idea that one bike might be the same as the next persons is pure folly. I am impressed with the ideas I have seen on the forum.

    I need a tensioner and will be off to the Tractor supply tomorrow for a look. If I come up with something worth showing off I will let everyone know.

    The dream begins.


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    Welcome / Tensioner

    Hi, check my pics in picture gallery of home made tensioner, or check it out at photobucket lazieboy1. It's not perfect but it's been working for quit a while. Till i get something better. Custom right.
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