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    Just found this forum while researching a vintage board track racer, after seeing some of the work here, I have decided to build one. I have a metal shop and design fuel systems for a living, used to build race cars and I restore vintage bikes, just finished a 1972 Norton 750 Commando Production racer and am looking for a new project.

    I am finishing the restoration of a 1952 56' Dutch built yacht and really like the idea of a couple motorized bikes to keep on deck. What coupld be cooler than to dock someplace and off-load a couple of MB's to run around on!

    Can anyone advise me on what motor in the 80 - 125cc range is the best choice?

    Does anyone know anything about the old Lohmann diesel motors??


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    welcome Chris

    I haven't sailed in years -- sounds like a lot of fun
    that's asking for a larger engine than most around here
    but -- we are sure that you will see many you like

    and then have a good time as you ride that THING
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    I have seen kits with a Chinese 80cc motor, it had RAW on the case. Are these motors any good?

    The vessel is a motor yacht
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    68 or 80cc -- close enough I recond


    I am not the expert regarding the Chinese engines
    but have heard around here that the so called 80cc's
    are truly not 80cc's
    I know this sounds strange
    let me guess here -- something like 68cc ???

    close enough I guess 68 or 80 ???

    many here on site are very happy with what many call
    The Happy Time engines (( made in China ))
    if you search around here on site
    you will find much information -- might wish to start in vendor area

    Honda and Robin Suburu also well known around here for being
    long lasting quality motorized bicycle engines

    I like your big motor boat yacht thing