New In Frame 4-Stroke kit shipping now!

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    Just an update from our West coast office in California

    Hello, here at EZ Motorbike we got to thinking that the MB Community would be wanting to know what we are doing, and a little of how we do it. Here at EZM our Engineers have been designing and building Motorized Bicycle Drive systems since 2004.

    In 2008 we decided that the Community, wanted AND needed a new 4-stroke kit with superior features, reasonable price and outstanding value for the money. This kit needed several features to be successful in fulfilling the needs of the American Motor Biker. Some of the features I will now list.

    #1 True Under 50 cc, ours is actually 49cc, (in the majority of areas under 50cc is the law) displacement with good performance {our expectations of performance are actually exceeded in our choice of the HS 142f/Honda GX50 platform}.

    #2 UNDER 2 horsepower. (The law is important to us, and we KNOW that the Feds, and States will be cracking down, it is just a matter of time).

    #3 4-stroke quiet performance with High MPG (Here we are getting reports of 140-180+ MPG)

    #4 Designed to do from 0 to 30-35 on level ground with average rider on board. (Again legal issues).

    #5 A truly Engineered, well tested product (We have literally 1000's of hours of "in the saddle time" with some of the most trusted MB Community members, no speculation here!)

    #6 A good STABLE drive that will give years of reliable performance (both the Silent Power, and the Q-matic are ready for a very long life on the road).

    #7 A strong company with a Dealer Network to better serve the Owners of the MB (here what we did, in the beginning, was to draw from our experience in the MB Community, and gather some of the best {and well known} individuals to perform "Beta Testing" across the country in a variety of different conditions, we are very happy with the results of that decision).

    #8 Provision for thought, planning and engineering to help make the product more usable for people with disabilities, weaknesses, or other issues. This concept really pushed the development of the Q-matic so that pedaling would NOT be necessary. In this we are well pleased, the HS or Honda start easily, require no pedaling for 0-30+ MPH and no skill or finesse on the clutch handle (Tho I, and several others LOVE their manuals!).

    #10 AMERICAN made, wherever and whenever possible. We are forced to use some China parts, as American parts are not available, or sometimes outrageously priced. The entire Silent Power, and Q-matic Primary Drives are built in USA.

    #11 Weight! Yes, here much consideration was given. The current weight of Q-Matic Primary is under 6.5 lbs this is with the heavy steel auto clutch, which we are grateful to Max Torque, for helping us in refining the operation to fit our needs, this clutch, in its basic format has been made in USA since the 1970's.

    #12 Embracing space-age technology, we use a special aluminum alloy to manufacture the Q-matic, that is made in only one US mill, and stockpiled in ONE eastern warehouse, while this may add some shipping delays in our manufacturing, it is the best alloy for the bends, and is NOT prone to cracking! With the addition of the Steel Max Torque, we felt it necessary to step up to the expensive aluminum alloy, to balance out the overall weight of the engine/Drive combo.

    A few specs to consider......

    Average weight of HS 142F 9lbs 13 oz
    Our Primary is approx 2" thick
    This puts the engine and Drive at 16.3 lbs which is 5.7 lbs, yes about 33 percent lighter than a common 4-stroke engine WITHOUT Drive mentioned elsewhere on this site!

    Here are some of the engines that have already been fitted with, and run EZM Primarys
    RS EHO35
    HS 142F
    Honda GX50HA
    HF 79 Greyhound
    5hp Briggs and Stratton
    9 hp Briggs and Stratton "Animal"
    Other engines adapters in design stage

    To make these engines work efficiently, we at EZM are able to change the FRONT ratio from 2.06 to 2.935 easily, with a variety of custom made billet pulleys. We currently do this in 7 different ratios!

    Rear ratios are available from 9 to 1 thru 21 to 1 in 12 basic ratio steps. We believe that our Primary offer the most flexible drive ratio system ever seen in a single-speed Motor Bicycle.

    We are shipping DAILY! If you are ready to own America's best in-frame 4-stroke bicycle engine kit, get a hold of your local EZM dealer and order one now! IF you have no dealer close to you a couple of options exists, one being for you to look into becoming an Authorized EZM Dealer, contact East or West coast EZM Operations (yes we answer our phones on weekends), or contact any EZM dealer that you like.

    Thanks for reading;


    Have fun,

  2. Zev0

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    Quentin, thank you for the insight. I'm presently running a GEBE setup on a chinese Beach Cruiser. I am restoring a 1951 Hawthorne and I will definately be putting a EZM kit on that one. I look forward to the experience.
  3. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Zev0,


    Sure would like to see pictures of the Hawthorne. Wasn't Hawthorne sold by Montgomery Wards?

    Have fun,
  4. Zev0

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    Yes Quentin, Hawthorne was sold by Monkey Wards and Mfgd by Cleveland Welding. WOW an all american bike.
  5. GearNut

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    I still plan on buying a Q-Matic when I can afford it.
    Hey, Zevo, here's a pic of my '51 Hawthorne.
    I think it's kinda cool to find someone else with a '51 too.
  6. KilroyCD

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    Nice bike, but yours' and Zev0's Hawthornes are just 'kissing cousins". Zev0's is a Cleveland Welding (aka Roadmaster) made Hawthorne, while your Hawthorne was made by D.P. Harris (Rollfast).
    I have a '42 Hawthorne, made by Westfield Mfg (Columbia), so you see a number of different makers made bikes for Montgomery Ward.
  7. GearNut

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    "Kissing cousins"....Ewwwww!
  8. KilroyCD

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    LOL, Best laugh I've had all day!
  9. Zev0

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    Yeah and mine is a MAN'S bike. LOL
  10. GearNut

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    I got it for free. Would you turn down an offer like that?
  11. Quenton Guenther

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    While looking for a box of hi speed bearings in the warehouse [parts room], we discovered some really "neat" parts. During production run #3, we sent several drive system assemblies to various companies for bids [one of the companies was SBP]. When the systems were returned, someone [most likely me] put them in a box and simply forgot about them.

    We have 3 original "Silent Power" manual systems, and 3 Q-Matic drive systems [production run #3]. All 6 drives use the original steel zinc plated mounting plate.

    Q-Matic production run #4 [current] uses a special aluminum alloy, whereas production run #3 is the steel version.

    The "Silent Power" drives are now considered rare and much sought after because of the design. Future "Silent Power" drive system will use the same special aluminum alloy mounting plate as the "Q-Matic", and will use the exterior bearing supports [to keep mfg. cost down]. The original "Silent Power" drives are zinc plated steel and offer more ratio options than the future production units [Silent Power II]. The original Silent Power drives allow the use of a larger secondary drive pulley, optional smaller 9 tooth chain drive sprocket, and easy conversion to rear belt drive. The original Silent Power units offer primary ratios between 2.06 X 1 and 3.58 X 1, whereas Silent Power II will be limited to primary ratios between 2.06 X 1 and 2.93 X 1. Primary ratios make a large difference in the final ratios, whereas secondary ratio changes only make a small difference. For example..... using a 10 tooth spocket connected to a 56 tooth on the wheel delivers a 5.6 X 1 ratio and if connected to the Silent power primary with the 2.06 X 1 supplies a final ratio of 11.53 X 1 [7000 RPMs = 47 MPH]. If using the Silent power 3.58 X 1 times 5.6 X 1 [secondary ratio] the final numbers are 20 X 1 [7000 RPMs = 25 MPH] able to climb the side of a building, LOL.

    Don't tell anyone but the "Silent Power I" or the "Q-Matic" using the 11.53 X 1 ratio might just work really, really, really, well on the 79 CC HF motor because of the narrow RPM range [30 MPH @ 4500 RPMs]. A few of our authorized dealers have tested the drive on the 79 CC HF motor using ratios from 14.68 X 1 and below [one dealer is using an adjustable pulley, so not sure how low the final ratios were set]. I do know the tested ratios allowed the motorbike to start on its own power [with slightly heavier riders] and obtained a reasonable top speed. Wonder how long it will take others to arrive at the same conclusion?

    We have no desire to keep the drives sitting in a box in our stock room, and will offer them at a slightly reduced price if anyone wants to save a few dollars.

    We suggest contacting an Authorized dealer if anyone is interested and we will supply at a 10% discount while supplies last.

    Remember the Silent Power drives are rare, and both the original Silent Power and the Q-Matic production version #3 use the zinc plated drive plate. I don't want to mislead anyone but the current production units are a little lighter, but the difference is only a few ounces.

    Have fun,
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  12. Quenton Guenther

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    Q-Matic drive plates gone.

    Have fun,
  13. Quenton Guenther

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    sold, sold, all gone.

    Have fun,