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    Hi folks......New guy here.....Don't have a bike with a motor on it yet...I have a bunch of Questions for you....I don't even know if they make a bike or motor that will carry me.....I'm 66 years old ( don't want a speed demon ) Here's the problem...I weigh 260 lbs....If I can fit on one I was thinking of a 50ish tooth rear sprocket.....Plus a 66cc motor....You guys are the experts, so I'm open to suggestions:wheelchair:

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    Welcome to the forum!
    So far I see no problems with your plan.
    It sounds like you are thinking of an in frame Chinese 2-stroke?
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    My 66cc Grubee is very reliable. had about a year and kit came with many extra parts. got from I am satisfied. I weigh 153ish, but heard of 200+ers sportenem. You're good.
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    Thank you for your reply......:grin5: