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    Hi, I found my way here by a trail of mysterious links that I am sure I could never replicate if I tried. In the past, I have built a motorcycle framed Trike, made from an old Suzuki 850 and a Golf Cart transaxle. It was too heavy with 4 deep cycle marine batteries to stop, although it looked very cool. I next tried a 2 Cycle Chinese mystery kit on a mountain bike, with disappointing results. I now have a Curry E-Zip Bike, which is okay, but the range is limited, and its hard to carry anything ( Like Groceries) I am starting once again on a new project: a Scwhinn Meridian Trike with a Staton rear-drive 4 stroke engine kit. California insists that this dangerously high-horsepower beast ( 1.6 HP) and 35 CC's is too much machine to go unregistered, so I plan to pay the 18 bucks and send in the paper work for my Moped license plate and documentation as soon as the bike and engine are in my mitts and I have the serial numbers. Since it has a Honda engine, I am hoping that a) it's CARB approved, or B) They won't think to ask that. I am looking forward to the build and playing with it. I know that trikes are not good for speed, but strangely, I don't think that will be a problem. My main concern is that this build as I understand California Law requires more-or-less motorcycle quality levels of Lighting, i.e, turn signals, brake lights, head lights. During the day, all I would need is to have live brake lights and turn signals, but if I wanted to ride it at night ( Unlikely, as I prefer to live) I would need to have the headlight and running lights alive. My questions is: Where do I get the power? It's not as if the engine has an alternator or generator. I am skeptical that the little dynamos used for bikes have the charging capacity to run a sealed lead acid battery, although I guess I could charge the battery manually ( Lame) before driving it.....Does anyone make a serious generator or alternator with enough output to run the electrics? I could draw mechanical power from the wheels or the chains ( There will be three in total) Any great ideas?



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