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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Evmo, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, I can't post my intro thread, so just saying hello!


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    Welcome to the forum, Kiwi. I think you will not be able to attach pics until you have made 5 posts.
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    Glad you're here. Let us know what you're planning to build.
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    Thanks guys. I wrote a decent-sized into post about my build etc, however it's not letting me post it due to apparent spam words or web links (of which there aren't any)- any ideas on how I can post it? Cheers, Evan.
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    Hi and welcome. Try again with your intro, you should be alright now.
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  6. Evmo

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    Hi again everyone, and thanks for all of the great info on this forum- a real active community!

    My name is Evan, I'm 28 and live in Wellington, New Zealand. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 17 and have owned 14 various bikes, all old 80's jappers, which I have greatly enjoyed pulling apart and slightly ruining in the quest for knowledge.

    I am a keen outdoorsman and love tramping and mountaineering, cycle touring, snorkelling, and all sorts of other things that occasionally come into season. I'm an illustrator and bladesmith by trade, and the proud father of a rambunctious three year old daughter.

    I've been observing the progress of HT bicycle motors in NZ for about the past five years, and finally thought it was worth taking the plunge as the sellers now seem to provide good service and have been through a couple of generations of engines, hopefully working out some of the kinks in the process. There used to be some rather condemning indictments of HT's sold in NZ on the web, but a chat with the guy at Motrax allayed my concerns- he seemed like a pretty straight up bloke!

    I found an old seaweedy Giant bike while snorkelling a couple of years ago, and this week stripped it down, painted it, added new components from various junk bikes at the dump, and rebuilt it solidly with extra-strong brakes and front shocks, all new bearings and chain. I'm hoping to find some good second hand wheels for it, as I'm imagining that they take a fair bit of stress under powered propulsion.

    Last weekend my motor kit arrived from Motrax NZ; no engine brand/model I've been able to find, but it's an HT 70cc in gloss black with performance carb (whatever that means) 'lasted' crankshaft, expansion chamber, and decent quality peripherals such as high tensile bolts, bearing chain tensioner etc.

    It's now all set up and after replacing the spark plug with an NGK, I finally got it firing and took it for a short, slow, yet highly victorious run with smokey 20:1 gas/oil ratio (Motrax says no break in period for these engines but I thought it was best to be on the safe side). I've since been having trouble getting it started despite spark, gas, and compression seeming to be occurring- will post in detail in Troubleshooting if anybody would be kind enough to add the voice of experience!

    Thanks again everybody, and I'm looking forward to being an active member on these forums.

    Evan L