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    Hi, Allen here,live in country Victoria ,Aus...Finished bike I made out of 3 old castoffs (grandkids),Home made rear disc 3mm plate ,heavy but I dont peddle much... Plenty of lights front and rear,I really want to be seen,Most roads I am on are 100km ph limit. The bike cruises at 30 kph without strain to motor,and that is as fast as I want to see the gound move past I am now over 70 daughter thinks I am awsome,son thinks I have lost the plot, Grand kids just shake heads a lot and really wish they had this Bike back.. For the tech; cruise 30kph, max 60kph, rim lever brake front,9"disc rear,Twin cable lever,Quad bike thumb throttle,modified clutch lock,thumb operated (great improvement) Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub gears...Flat sheetmetal plate light guage,cut with snips..mounted in valley under carb,small grooved wheel for cable,clutch featherlight operation,best mod to the motor... I will send photo if I can work out how..Best wishes to all the happy bikers, Allen