new strange project



i have uptained a 26 inch speed bike hence what i whant
speed and a bike ah you see. thin tire light weight more speed and pikup

now is chageing it to be a cruiser what, yes a cruiser with ape hangers
36t and if i can get the 1gallon under fram gas tank from thatsdax

pics comeing soon
haha!!!! it works the speed bike 10 speed was keeping up with 45mph traffic
on the way to my work today

i knew it would work ok i have took pics but sizeing them i am so happy and it is stock for one thing

but tire's are thin the 700c shold do the trickfor that and push me an extra 2mph for the size increase
He said he got a 26" 10 speed. The motor fit right on it. He wants to insall Ape Hangers. And it ****ing hauls ***. Perfectly clear to me.
yah refer to his other thread where he talks about keeping up with 45MPH traffic and shows his son 'appreciating' his dads bike.
Way to go Turbo; watch those skinny tires man and keep an eye on your spokes...
yeah i got me a twin bolt tensinor for it and wraped cardboard and taped it so it grips hard and wont buge dude rolands sight is down from spooky tooth cycles