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    hey bought a 66 cc engine kit to see how these things worked, hooked it up and everything went great for about 2 weeks and one day went to take a ride when all of a sudden the bike wouldn't turn over until i pressed the kill switch on accident and it started right up so i decided to tape the button down worked for a day or two but now when i go to turn it on its the same story as before the motor barley starts and only tries to turn over if i keep pedaling and givin it gas (sometimes this gets it started) i think it might be an electrical problem any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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    Hi Mitchell, replace the kill switch with a good one- there have been several posts about the stock switch being junk. Some guys eliminate it altogether and shut the engine off with the choke.
    And Welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    It helps know what the 3 wires from your motor do.
    The blue wire is a timed pulse to the CDI to fire the spark plug.
    The black wire is just a motor ground for the other side of that circuit.
    The white wire is raw 7.5 VAC direct from the magneto.

    Is all the kill button does is ground the magneto output to kill the motor.
    You can do the same thing by grounding the Blue wire.
    Black is the common ground for both.

    Most any Normally Open momentary push button will work with either.

    What seems to have happened to your button was it stuck "on".
    Pop the throttle off and look at it, should be an easy fix, or replace it with most any of the above mentioned type buttons ;-}
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    hmm i will try getting a new kill switch and see if that helps probably buy another coil mines look a little beat up. thanks for the advice also wondering if anyone knew where to find different sized sprockets