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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mini-pub, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. mini-pub

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    Ok, I just read the new member letter so I guess I need to introduce myself before I jump in asking questions. I live in "The Colony" of Anaheim. It is the historic district of Anaheim near downtown. I live in a 1921 bungalow on Broadway. It is a historical home, so it has a little history to it.
    I love vintage stuff so old bikes kinda turn me on. A friend told me about Derringer bikes,(, But they want $3500 for them and are built more for cafe racing. I started researching motorized bikes and ran across your forum as well as and

    Here is what I would like to do. I own a Felt cruiser, the MP, and I have customized it and love riding around town. I added a Nexus 3-speed internal hub and connected it to an old school 3-speed shifter mounted to the side of the front tank. I don't want to change anything about it. What I plan to do is buy another Felt cruiser, possibly the 1903 or the Chief (,1519), and put a motor in it. I have been doing some searching on your forum and it seems the Nexus hubs can take the pressure of an engine as long as you don't speed shift.

    Since I am just starting my venture, any advice you guys can give would be considered. Although, I tend to listen to advice and if anybody ever tells me it can't be done, I tend to go for it anyways. I was told the old school 3-speed shifter wouldn't work with the Nexus hubs, by someone who said he tried it, and I got mine to work just fine.

    Some obvious questions I have so far are:
    1) What issues will I have with the thickness of the nexus hubs, and the rear mounting sprockets that come with the engine kits. Any other issues with Shimano Nexus 3-speed hubs?
    2) Is there a difference between using a steel frame bike and an aluminum frame?
    3)Any real differences between 50cc,55cc,65cc,70cc engines? What about reliability? I don't want a lot of noise.
    4) Pros and Cons of 2-stroke and 4-stroke?

    Thanks guys, James

    BTW, anybody from around my town? I've got a pub in my basement if anybody wants to take a trip to Anaheim. Thursday nights are movie nights in the Basement Pub. 7:30-midnight

  2. azbill

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
    read, read, read
    all your questions will be answered
  3. mini-pub

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    Thanks! I will be doing a lot of searches on those questions I have.
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    Welcome to MBc
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    Motorizing Felt's

    If you haven't already do a search for Felt and you should come up with several long threads about motorizing Felt bicycles. Member itskeith has posted a link to some photos of his Felt MP project, and here is a link to a photo page showing a Felt 1903 I saw at the Long Beach Motorcycle Swap meet this past Memorial day weekend.

  6. mini-pub

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    OMG, Dude, thanks for posting that. Part of me is excited to see the 1903 with a motor, and the other part of me is dissappointed that someone already did it!!!
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!