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    Hi Everyone,

    I just found out this site and registered this afternoon, so came here to say hello.

    I plan to start my first build soon. I have already picked out the bike.
    It is a Walmart special "Cranbrook Cruiser".

    I am looking for suggestions on the engine & kit.

    A two stroke is what I had in mind.

    Please send me your comments.


    OSCSLLC aka Al

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    i recently built one of those for a family friend...used the 80cc from fleaBay, buy from powerkingshop or powerkingpro Defiantly not LUCKYEARLYBIRD. anyway, the chinese 80 and the cranbrook were made for each other. everything almost literally JUMPED onto the bike. perfect fit on everything down to boost bottle placement. only fab was the front motor mount. not sure if pops has it on his profile or not but you can check. we have built a buncha these things. check his profile on this site. UN: Al.Fisherman.
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    sorry to dbl pst but i found all the pix of the cranbrook we build only fab on here is the front motor mount, the clutch roller, and the motor brace that hits the seat post to keep the engine from attempting to tilt to the left.
    and of course all the studs have been changed to grade5 or higher. of all 6 bikes we have built this one required the least amountt of installation time... have fun mano...

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