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  1. So nice in fact I had to join

    Looking at all the great geared n' motorized creations out there in the world makes me feel less crazy! I have been riding and building bicycles for about 10 years, riding motos for about 4 years, and built my first motorized bicycle in May of this year. You know, I just got irritated with the norm of automobiles, got tired of going to meetings sweaty, got sick of my motorcycles getting ripped off, and wanted to learn how to build a motorcycle.

    :pAnyway, I chose a 4 stroke honda gxh 50 and a Felt Bicycles V-10 cruiser and built a bombproof cruiser that's perfect for my 4 mile commute. I had to do a bit of tweakin', but that's what its about!! I posted a pic of the bike as a new-born and will post more later when I get home, as i have added a schwinn sting-ray seat for a better fit and riding position.

    Well, thanks again and i look forward to learning from everyone!

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  2. drimpact

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    Welcome to the group. Information on your 4 stroke install and especially the tweaks will be most welcome.
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    Welcome; what he said.
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    welcome, Earth Mechanic, to MBc ! :D
    all the info on the build (and more pics) would be appreciated
  5. iRide Customs

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    Welcome to the group! That Felt is one of my favorite bikes they offer.

  6. Thanks guys, i posted a full pictoral on the main picture page, check it out!!
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    Welcome to MBc ! :rolleyes:
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    Welcome to MBc!!! the bike looks solid! :D