Non Honda replacement carburetor for GX35 from ebay, made in China. (REVIEW)

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    I recently purchased a (new model) Honda GX35 with major bogging problems. I was told that it was most likely carburetor problems, so I ended up purchasing a non-Honda GX35 replacement carb. from ebay for $23.95.

    The carb. went on with no issues. And it took around 5 pulls to get the first start. On all start ups after the first one, it starts up very quickly.

    (Perhaps/maybe) on 100% wide open throttle there is a slight bogging. But with my original carb. the same thing (very) often happened (except much worse.) Over all this carb. is working (much) better than the original.

    Note: I have not ran the engine enough to positively say there is high end bogging.

    I purchased a used GX35 lemon. I have been having a real bad time with my engine, but the ebay carb has me back on the road.
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  2. V 35

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    Did you dis assemble the faulty carb, curious as to wether or not problem was a speck of dirt clogging jets ?
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    Congrats, maybe after a few miles the hiccup will go away. Is there a mixture screw on the new carb? If there is does fine tuning it help? Is the fuel pickup in your tank clean? That Honda should purr like a kitten at idle and have a nice low rumble at WOT under load. Your issue is definitely fuel related. Is your fuel hose really soft in any area and maybe constricting? All gaskets seated properly? Try running it without the air cleaner on and see if the problem occurs, if not airflow is restricted.