noob. bike won't throttle more than 70%. please help

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    I bought a 66cc bike kit and everything ran fine except after about 70% throttle it started to lose power and slow down. In my first attempt to fix the problem I accidently broke the intake manifold, I went a head a just bought a new high preformance machined manifold and new high performance carb and air filter. I've put everything on even tried the c clip up and down a click to see if it would help, it didn't. Now I still can't go past 70% throttle. Please help! I don't wanna be stuck with 70% of what I payed for. Thank you
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  2. butre

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    fuel starvation. throw away any rubber mounts that you may have, make sure the engine is mounted solidly, and make sure there are no kinks in the fuel line.
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    motor won't start running right until 300 or 400 gentle miles are on it to break it in - before that time, they are often so rich that they won't take much throttle

    that said, a performance carb usually only works well on a performance motor - tuned ports & exhaust are needed to get full use out of those carbs
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    Just wanted to say thnx for all the tips guys, they are appreciated. I am using a rubber mount so I'll get rid of that first, and just keep on putting enjoyable miles on her thnx. I'll post if things change.