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    Hi. After getting a wild hair in my ass this weekend I decided I needed a motorized bike. I just got a '74 Schwinn Stingray, 26" wheels, springer front end, 80cc 2 stroke. It's cool and if I don't kill myself figuring it out it will be a lot of fun (the PO used a lever, like the clutch, for the throttle which keeps throwing me). My question is: what are the "must haves"? The absolute upgrades? (Right now it's got, say, 22-24" apes, which is cool in a ridiculous kind of way, but I think I'm going to go for that board tracker look)
    The bike runs good, but I don't know a thing about these machines so any insight would be nice.

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  2. Fogcity123

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    As far as upgrades - what would give me more power? Just took it around the block and it struggled to get my 180lbs up, what I'd consider, a "slight" incline.
    Also, can a person fit any gears to these things? One or two more would be nice. The bike is a single gear pedal brake.
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    You can get a shiftkit. This will give you some gears.
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    Shift kits work best on bikes that have gears already. You'll have to change the rear wheel, add a shifter + derailer & a longer chain. And that's before installing the components for the shift kit. If more power is what u want look into upgrading the carb and then get an expansion chamber exhaust pipe. Then if you still want more get the top end ported. These Chinese engines don't like a lot of high speed they are not balanced very well and will eventually rattle themselves apart. Always check mount bolts before every ride.