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    Hello all. I have been lurking around the forums for a couple of years…
    So I decided to share (show off) my latest project…..
    Which would not exist without TREEWK’s double right hand drive setup, Loquin’s gearrat and bikepower apps, and numerous other users threads about CVT’s (and some goped threads too). THANKS!!!
    Well it started out as a friction drive mongoose full suspension 46cc echo weed whacker with a homemade mount and a tank off an old dirt bike. Did 35mph got like 60mpg. Rode like (edit: heck.) Rear triangle was waaaaay to flimsy for the stresses of a friction drive (as the suspension flexed the roller changed position on the rear wheel , forwards and backwards. Upper and lower link rear suspension like on a atv’s front kinda.) and after I mounted one of the Amazon $89 special Tanaka PF-3300 it cracked after about 200 miles.
    So what do I do with this great little motor that’s not even broken in and mount that I made? I spent a lot of time searching for a tuff enough suspension frame with a solid mount point to the frame and heavy tubing for mounting the engine bracket. Amazingly enough none of the nice bike company bikes fit the bill…they care too much about weight nowadays.
    But, I found this Schwinn S-25 wrecked all to heck in my buddy’s garage. Great thing about it is there are no funny links on the rear triangle so my drive angles won’t change when the rear suspension flexes. The frame has HUGE BEEFY bearings instead of bushings where the rear triangle mounts to the frame and all the frame angles are trussed except the bottom bracket.
    He said I could have it and I said OK!
    So I slapped on the wheels, disc brakes, levers, friction drive mount, seat and rode it for a day. Then took it all apart again and ordered a CVT after reading the numerous TREEWK threads. I wanted to use a cvt from day one but the whole jackshaft thing would not have fit.
    So, It’s not all together yet. I have yet to mount the motor and CVT and measure chain length.
    But on with the PICS!!!!
    More to come. Stay tuned………

    MOD: Can you move this to the RACK MOUNT DRIVETRAIN section Pleaeeease. I hate double posting.

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    Frankenstein bike, can't wait to see what you do. That channel the motor sits on is a friction drive part, don't discard it worth a few bucks.