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    Brand new to the forum, and among the discussions I've been reading are comments about the inconvenience of oil changes. I have the Honda GX35 on a GEBE mount. I read various comments about using a turkey baster. Then I was cleaning out a kitchen cabinet, and the spritzer bottle of some household cleaner caught my eye; tossed the bottle, and popped the front piece off of the trigger spritzer nozzle so that it wouldn't atomize the spray. Stuck the long tube (that extended into the bottle of cleaner) into the oil tank, and it pumped it dry like it was built for the job. Later realized that the spritzer bottles you buy in household and garden department are easier, because they have a screw-adjustable nozzle. Just screw the nozzle off, and you have a handy little pump that will pump your oil reservoir bone dry in just a minute or two. It also beats my wife beating me if I steal her turkey baster!