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    It seems that since the 500 mile break in peroid is over and I have reduced the oil / gas mixture accordingly, the bike does not run as well as when it had a more rich mixture. I am not definite that this theory of mine is true or not or if its another issue so I thought I would ask. After about 600 miles now on the engine, its running worse than ever now. Its still going good but nowadays its rare if I can get get it to go 20mph like I use to. I use to be able to get it to a top speed on a flat road for a moment at 24mph and about 18-19 smoothly for flat long distances but now 20 seems somewhat out of the question without something adjusted. I know very little about these things so im wondering if it could it be needing a gasket changed due to air leaking from it? Or cleaning the air filter? Maybe something else. Maybe its the reduction in the oil/gas mixture that would normally cause this. Which is why I ask.

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    I'm a newb myself so I can't "tell" you what's wrong with it, but some thoughts on info you could include in your post to help others answering:
    What oil/gas ratio were you using?
    What oil/gas ratio did you switch to?
    What type of oil were you using?
    What type of oil are you using now?
    What gearing do you have, so we can figure out your RPMs?
    Have you noticed any oil stains on the head, cylinder, inside magneto housing, inside clutch housing or elsewhere?
    Do you own a cheap compression tester?
    Is your air cleaner visibly clogged?
    Any odd sounds from the engine?
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    Look at what Furry is asking you and read some more on the forum. I dont know about Florida weather but if the temperature has increased by about 10-15 degrees (F or C?) you may be running rich. Remember rich is a term that describes air/fuel ratios not oil/gas ratios.Jaguar answered a similar question, maybe it will help.http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?42998-Low-Power-Trouble
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    To answer those questions:I was using 8 ounces of oil for every gallon and now using 8 ounces to every 1.25 gallons. Never really changed fuels or oils; Ive been using the oil from walmart named supertech universal 2 cycle engine oil for air cooled 2-cycle engines compatible with oxygenated fuels.
    As far as the question about gearing, im not following that and I don't really follow the RPM's as well. Its not a 4 stroke so im guessing basic 2 stoke. Gearing? Im guessing one gear full throttle nowadays but I do not leave it on full throttle for that long. I like to lessen the rmp's as much as possible for goodness sake.
    Oil stains? I guess just regular oil stains that over time spead over the entire head and cylinder but I have not noticed in the magneto housing or inside clutch housing...
    Air cleaner visibly clogged? What air cleaner? You mean air filter? If so, no not really. The air filter I recently upgraded to one of the best (so they say) carburators with a new air filter but I have been meaning to clean it but wanted to ask about that too; Whats an easy way to clean the air filter? Soap and water?
    Odd sounds? Not really any odd sounds but it does seem more stressed or in actuality, I really think that over time the gaskets get damaged which lets air seep through little by little more over time. The closest repair and service center for these motor assisted bikes is 80 miles from me and im thinking its about that time. The last time I went there, they said I could do some really good upgrades for about $150.00 which i've been really considering as of late.

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    using less oil means there is more gas. at 16:1 there is 94% gas and 6% oil. at 20:1 there is 95% gas. Only a 1% difference which is not enough to note as a difference in running so the problem lies elsewhere.
    you can find and fix the problem or you can change the jetting to compensate for the problem.
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    I think you nailed it on the head. That just reminded me that I noticed as soon as I switched to the new carburator (a few months ago) this all started with the difference. Now to figure out how to tune this carburator and its jetting. Thanks!

    Also, the last time I took the motor assisted bike to the service center when it stopped working totally, they said (to my relief) it was only a $5 problem and that they never encountered the same problem before. They took out the gasket and realized that was the culprit and said the gasket was so damaged that they've never seen anything like it before so thats why I was guessing gasket. It looked almost chewed up a bit. I guess from all of the heat and vibration combo
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    Your engine will run perfectly at 25:1 and make sure that you don't have any air leaks.