Petrol vs electric in the UK.


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Jun 26, 2022
Hey all,
Sorry if I make any mistakes, this is my first post here :)

I am looking to build a powered bicycle in the UK. I live in a village in the countryside, surrounded by farmland. There are few policemen, but definitely a few grumpy neighbours. I am looking to build it as cheap as possible and hopefully legally. I have already looked at several ebike vs petrol bikes discussions, but for me, it mostly depends on legality, fun and cost. Looking on the Wikipedia for motorized bicycles, it seems to suggest that it is perfectly legal to ride a petrol powered bike in the UK as long as it is under 100cc and allows the pedals to rotate. Whereas ebikes have a limit of 15.5 mph but are legal on bike paths. If I owned a petrol bike, I would try to ride by the farms to limit complaints. Petrol bikes also seem to be much cheaper, but also much more unreliable. I do not care much about reliability as long as I can have a bit of fun fixing it. Ebikes kits seem to be fairly cheap, but they don't include the battery, which is often another 150 quid. Personally I lean more towards petrol bikes but are worried about their legality as I do not have a licence yet.

Thanks, any advice appreciated :)