please check out my bike and comment on it

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    Very innovative but I have more questions than opinions.
    Why are you trying to make the bike quieter? Is gas assist illegal on the street in your state?
    How quiet is it with your custom exhaust?
    I am interested because I am trying to disquise my gas assist bike as an electric bike due to TX laws.
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    yeah it is illegal in ny where i am at

    but it makes it quieter and i will have to take a video when i get a new battery .. i had my camera in the back of my bike basket and then it bounced out and the batt bounced out of that.. so gotta wait for more pics and stuff... i want to make the bike look more normal and silent is my goal...
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    The chain looks like it could lose a link and re-adjust the tension wheel. Looks like a lot of angle off the back.
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    They all look pretty neat! You SHOULDN'T HAVE to disguise it! What a bunch of crap! Some laws are so stupid! Corrupt society out to ruin our fun. I hope you can get it figured out though! They're great fun!
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    If you think the laws are bad in America, just wait till you see how bad and how draconian the law is in Australia regarding motorized bicycles.

    Down here, the new laws state that:

    If the bike is moving, the pedals must be turning.
    The engine can only provide (up to) an anemic 250 watts of power and if the pedals are not turning, the engine cannot produce any power or any motorized assistance.
    The engine must stop producing power when the bicycle speed reaches 20 kilometers per hour (12 mph).

    The total amount of traffic infringements/fines (for an over spec engine) amounts to around $6,000 if you are an unlicensed driver on a serving DUI charge and around $4,000 if you are just an unlicensed driver and around $2,500 if you are a licensed car driver with a valid motorcycle licence, travelling at 21 kilometers per hour without the bicycle pedals turning and an engine that produces more than one third of a horsepower without an integrated electronic system that automatically stops the engine if the pedals stop turning.
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    I am also in the Empire (strikes back) state.
    The simple solution is to find a junk moped with a reg./ add lights to yours and the number of the donor stamped onto you frame (could be a chunk of it welded in.
    There are 3 stages of moped in NY- the lowest 2 require no inspection. They are based on speed capability. Go to DMV website for info.
    With that plate on the back /motorcycle helmet/ safety vest/ safe riding- I have never been stopped and don't expect to.