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    I want to either buy a kit i can upgrade over time,or just buy a motor and start a project.The most important thing to me now is the motor,i want the best for me now and i can upgrade around that.I have read through tons of posts tonight and been on countless websites but i still can't figure which motor is best for me.

    I want speed,power and range.I know i will need 900 dollar batteries and a fairly expensive controller eventually,but for now i want to buy a kit or a single motor with a motor i will not have to upgrade.I think i want a crystalyte but do i want a 400 or 500 series?I also think i should go with a non geared motor so i can have regen braking at some point.

    Please help me decide what motor is best for me!

    Also FYI,I have only been researching e bikes for a couple of hours,So i guess I'm pretty green,I did mess with rc cars years ago though.


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    Welcome to the forum !

    Some frequent questions that need to be answered

    1- your weight
    2- Location ( flat land or hills ? ) Legalities in your area a problem ?
    3- Do you already have a bicycle ?

    Yeah.. crystalyte would probably be a good choice in your case if you want to upgrade as time goes by.. is the place to start. He has alot of stuff in stock ( runs out once a year tho.. lol ) and the connections are standardized better than trying to hook up a controller from kit A to motor on kit B..

    in the US, i've dealt with Earl from , good support, and he's been around for a long time.

    Stick to the 4 series if you like to call it an ebike , the X5 makes a scooter out of your bike, too heavy.. requires more batteries.. etc..

    Personally, i'm a big fan of 20" wheels with hub motors, but this depends on your needs..
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    #1 160
    #2 Mass,seacoast.hills but short and not that steep.
    #3Yes i have an older Specialized stumpjumper full suspension.

    With the right batteries and controller will the 4 series drive me around at a brisk pace without peddaling?I'm looking to be lazy!!
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    Errr,Now i just stumbled across the cyclone kits you can have gearing with,More choices!!!I like the idea of those kits,are they better than the hub motors?
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    At some things. yes.. at others.. no.

    Pros - using the bikes gears will allow you to crawl up a hill using less power than a hub motor.. And offer a good top speed depending on your gearing.

    Cons - brackets and chains..... some people hate it.. others love it.. but.. some people can't put together a peanut butter sandwitch.. so take some and leave some.

    Hub motors offer a simple durable solution, you bolt it on and go.. very low maintenance.

    Cyclone is not as stealth as a hub motor imo. If that's important to you.
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    I am looking for stealth,had a few problems with over the top gas rigs.Are they a lot louder than a hub motor?I'm an auto mechanic so the extra stuff Wouldn't bother me one bit,Looks easy to me.I do like the simplicity of the hub motors though,but they seem limited.

    If there were only less choices...LoL.
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    if you want stealth, then a gearless hub motor is the way to go. as for limited power, they do have less acceleration, but they make up for that by beaing near to totaly silent: a good one makes as much noise as a ceiling fan motor at full speed.
    As for top end speed, the gearless hub motor is the most efficent design, with no drivetrain losses.

    I ride a 500 watt Crystalyte hub motor, a model 408. At 72 volts, its more powerfull than a 50cc honda scooter, will out accelerate it, and just pull away from it at full speed. a gearless 750 watt 5303 hubmotor is powerfull enough to do burnouts.
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    Ok,the first bike i build will be a hub motor.Now i have to decide between a 4 or 5 series and then which model!Just how heavy would the 5 series be with enough batteries for good range?
    What would you guys suggest for batteries for the 4,and for the 5 series?
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    Even cheaper direct from taiwan.

    If going with a hub, Personally.. i say stick with a 4 series.. the X5 is a monster, it's the equivalent of bolting a 25cc chinese 2stroke to your bicycle vs the current 90cc's..

    You can push 1000w + into a 4 series if you really want to.. without reducing it's life or overheating it. *( Yes. it's "rated" at 500w.. but they can take more. plenty of experience behind this.. )
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    What should i expect for performance with 1000w of lithium batteries and a 408?