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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jchamp, Aug 4, 2008.

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    Hello all,
    This weekend I swaped my 49cc to an 80cc motor. I was able to start it but had absolulty no power. I couldn't figure out why. After tinkering with everthing i could think of, adjusting carb, throttle cable, plug gap, to outright changing carbs still nothing. Until I took the muffler off and lost a small piece of exhaust gasket. When I said "forget this" put the muffler back on and tried it one more time I finally noticed a differance in power. I don't know if the muffler was bad so took the baffle out and the center was crimped. this is the same muffler from my 49cc should I clean it completely? Please help I can't stand driving my car.

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    fuel power, exaust dump

    hey buddy. this brian from anchorage alaska. the way i got mine setup is an empty muffler, with steel wool stuffed init: with a popcan bottom clampd around the bottom of the exaust pipe with a large hole init. it's loud but there's no hikups.
    another way to have max RPMs is to put a shot of RC truck and car Nitro Fuel in your tank. make sure you have good compression. goodluck
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    What do you mean no no power. Checked for airleaks?