POWERKING Stands Behind His Product



I bought 3 kits from powerking approx. 2 months ago.
1 is still running strong for my brother as a daily commuter .
1 was defective from the start.
I recently brought this to Johns attention who is the Manager of the Burnaby PowerKing Warehouse which is about 1/2 hour drive from me.
John stood 100% behind his procuct (80cc kit) and has gratiously offered to replace all defective parts and parts damaged due to these defects at no charge.
A very good man to do business with IMHO
Heres his reply.

RE: Enquiry from Bestpowerking - Online Shopping Cart‏
From: Bestpowerking.com - Customer Support (sales@bestpowerking.com)
Sent: November 29, 2007 11:10:13 AM
To: 'brent haggard' (newton_bicycle@hotmail.com)

Hi there Brent and thank you for your email,

I've checked with Leo and I believe he was he gentleman you had met when picking up the bicycle engine kits. However because the purchase took place a while ago, he wasn't able to recall the exact details of the purchase. It would be great to meet with you in order to review the engine and provide you with all the parts you require in order to resolve these issues which you have noted.

I have a large selection of parts available and with regards to the list you have provided, I will be happy to offer you all the listed parts :

- Intake Manifold
- Cylinder
- Piston and rings if needed
- Wrist pin and connecting rod
- Any required gaskets

I do also have a few sorted engines available. Some have been run while others have been returned and can be used for parts. If you are interested in any of these engines, they have been priced accordingly to clear.

The cost of the parts you require amount to approximately $60.00 in total and our cost of a new engine is $120.00. If you wish to substitute the parts credit and purchase a new engine instead, we will be happy to offer this to you for $60.00 . You may also use the $60.00 credit should you wish to purchase any of the sorted engines available as well.

I do hope that the solutions provided are fair to you . Please let me know of your preference at this time .

Specializing in wholesale distribution, sales and services.
John Agustin
Manager - Burnaby, BC
7678 Winston Street,
Burnaby, BC, V5A2H4
i've never heard anything bad about his business...i sure wish he'd call a "65" a "65" tho...