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    OK, so i got a kit from spooky tooth, not to dis them, but never a kit again. Currently it is a stock "80"CC Grubee Skyhawk with about 400miles on it. The THING runs like a champ. The cheapo throttle broke so I'm using a brake lever. I've got a 36 tooth sprocket and my max speed on flat level ground seems to be about 35mph a little more if i hunker down, speed also varies depending on my clothing. (shorts seem to act like parachute brakes) for poops i got a B6HS equivelant i think autolite 8093? and gapped it to .020 as suggested in one of the stickied threads, however the bike didn't seem to really like it (made it harder to start.)

    The bike has been fed a happy 7oz to 1 gal ratio from day 1 babied untill about 230miles. The oil itself is Repsol Moto 2T racing. I had read not to cheap on the oil, however recently i read a thread about 18 pages into the forum about oils that were "too good." So any thoughts/ comments on this oil would be appreciative.

    I always want more power and I am addicted to speed. My other ride is a miata that I've spent a good amount of bread on just the suspension (not much power but lots and lots of zoom zoom till you puke)
    *I have already ordered the SBP Tuned pipe.
    *After that I plan on getting some type of much better carb whether pocketbike or otherwise. Suggestions are welcome, price should be max $120*
    *Then I plan on trying out one of the 80cc slant heads with a thinner head gasket. This should be about 2 weeks from now (depending on responses to this thread since I want to do it in this order) and since I haven't had the head off yet I'll be able to check for any scuffing that the "too good" oil may have caused.
    *I see brakes as becoming essential at this point so I'll put on a front V-Brake or get a fork that will allow a disc and i guess i'll have to jerry rig something in the back because:
    *Nuvinci hub time.
    *boost bottle could be anywhere but whether they actually do anything seems heavily debated.
    *better gas tank (bigger and without the knee killing lips)

    What are your thoughts? How will this THING perform without the Nuvinci?

    The best part seems to be that if it does blow itself up i'll just buy a cheapo skyhawk "80cc" kit from ebay since i'll already have most of the parts that I would be replacing anyway.
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    Well I ordered the SBP tuned pipe friday, it was on the doorstep last night when I got home from work. All I can say is wow. The bike has a frightening amount of torque it accelerates very rapidly up to 33ish and then bounces back and forth from 35 so I'm assuming that it is now leaning out. Even so its all well and good because I have an appointment at a pocket-bike shop to look at their carbs. To anyone debating whether to get an expansion pipe. I would highly recommend it.
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    today was quite productive, clutch needed adjustment and the idle speed screw became lost due to a broken motor mount. All of this was repaired. The pocket bike shop didn't have any carbs so I very slightly bored the jet. No more bogging, but as soon as I hit 35mph its like the engine can't get enough torque to go any faster. I've read that the 49ccs rev higher than the 66(80)ccs so that could be my problem. 35 now seems like a brick wall, although it was running up to around 37ish downhill, and I took it to 40.6Mph on a bone stock motor with the 36tooth. The only other two reasons that the bike could be not topping out is its first gallon of 87, the bike was fed 89 but for some reason I bought 87 last time I got gas. The bike manages to hold its speed quite well, although I haven't taken it for a serious ride yet involving hills. A slant head is in the mail courtesy of CCmotorbikes and zoom, thats right I've accidentally ordered two! (this is my excuse for building a second motor-bike) I'm still looking for a new carb, and i'm guessing that I want one with two jets, Is this even possible? Similar to a lo and a hi on certain intakes, such as: I believe the intake on the Vtec, I've never had a honda but there was a similar intake available for the Tercel I used to own. I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow of what my friends have begun to refer too as "the death machine"