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  1. Josh Moon

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    living in wisconsin, i decided i need a bike strictly for winter riding. still a work in started out as a dual shock mtn bike with a rotted out derailer. the swing arm got cut and extended 14 inchs. The motor is mounted onto the swing arm so that i can still have full suspension and not worry about complicated chain tensioners. DSCF1495.jpg

  2. Josh Moon

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    Motor mount done. The tensioner is on the pedal side because its going to be single speed and needs something to tension the chain as the suspension cycles threw its travel. I will be bracing the swing arm with some 5/16 solid bar stock in a lattice pattern on top of the swing arm, but i want to do that when i make the suspention linkage so im not fighting my self.



  3. jaguar

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    The design will put too much leverage on the shock and bottom it out just by sitting on the bike. You'll have to relocate the shock to be further away from the swingarm pivot.
    Ya gonna put some fat tires on it?
  4. Josh Moon

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    Thats where you are wrong, its a modified four link suspension. With the current rocker ratio I'm looking at 1.5 inches of sag and 4 inches of travel. I did my math before under taking this build. Got all the suspension done tonight an. Shes got a57 inch wheel base and a16 inch bottom bracket height. Will post pics this morning after work.
  5. Josh Moon

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    suspension finished and the motor mounted. think im going to make a tank that mounts behind the seat.


    The threaded rod has been replaced with a proper sized bolt. the rod was under size which allowed easy removale while i was mocking every thing up.
  6. Josh Moon

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    quick update, got the tank finished, it holds 30 ounces of fuel and will be mounted behind the seat

  7. Gen3Benz

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    Thats pretty shhhweet. I like the engine on the swingarm idea. Giving me some ideas of what to do with the $30 suspension bike i got haha.