Centrifugal Pull start and auto clutch upgrade

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    Hi all, havent been here in a while...Well I spent a ton of time building my bike and never ride it...I just had this idea that I would ride it all the time and have a total of about 5 rides on it...So anyway, I had a new idea...Im gonna build something I can use at the campground for some fun...I'm gonna use the motor from my bike and build a motorized cooler kart...I have a Chris Hill CH80 engine...I guess its a "Happy Time" and would like to know if the simpson motor bikes parts will work on it...I'm looking at using is "pull start" assembly and the "automatic clutch" he offers....Does that clutch do what it says...He doesnt offer much info on it at all but I am wondering will this render the clutch lever and cable obsolete (which is what Im looking for) ? also, like I said I want to go with the pull start as I dont plan on peddeling the cooler...Any help would be great...I have an e-mail out to him and just waiting for an answer....by the way heres the link and the parts are #8 and #23....


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    You will need to hold clutch in while starting using pull rope. After that its auto. You can bump start the engine but again you need the clutch.
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    I'm not familiar with simpson bike parts, but those prices are way high. I got #8 for $29.00 and #23 for $20.00 from zoombicycles.com about a month ago. And there is a simple way to do away with the manual clutch completely, so I've been told. The clutch works funky. I has a one way bearing in it. Kind of works like a freewheel one way roller on friction drive set ups. Don't hold me to it as far as "one way bearing". I'm not sure I'm using the proper terminology here. I know first hand, you can rotate the clutch drum one way and the crank will not turn, you rotate the drum the opposite direction and the bearings will engage and the crank will turn. It's hard to understand if you've never seen one and figured out how it wortks. But itm is very simple.
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    Talked to the guy at Simpson bikes yesterday and he said he doesnt carry either part anymore at all...He said the pull start was a piece of **** and the auto clutch actually need machine work to make it work on these engines...He apologized and said he just hadnt had enough time to pull the parts from his webside....Bummer for me....

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    Did he say why and what needed machined ? I'm curious because I have installed one on my engine, however I have not mounted the engine on my bile yet, so I have no idea about their performance.
    Thanks !
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    No he didnt say and sorry I didnt ask...As soon a she told me he no longer carried either part I gave up on the idea....He did say that the pull starts were total junk and was having problems with them so he wasnt going to carry them until they were improved upon, if that ever happens...You say I will still have to use the clutch lever if I go with that auto clutch ?...I really want to use this engine on my cooler kart but I dont want to have to peddle it to get it started...

  7. grubee was selling the GGG (give gas go) engines for a while I wonder what happened to them?
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    Thanks for the update, but Porkchop said you "CAN" do away with the manual clutch. Someone else said you could not ! As far as stuff not workiong, somoone on this forum, told me a while back these things are like going to a car dealer to buy a new car, and they tell you, "hey, it dosen't work and it's a piece of junk, buy here's what you can buy to fix it or make it work better". I think there's a lot of thruth in that ! I ran into problem after problem with the instalation of my pull start and centrifugal clutch, where others just bolted them on and went. Go figure ! Consistancy and quality control, if not from the begining in design phase. They know this stuff dosen't work. Why do they keep producing it and mostly, why do people keep buying it ?
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    I've built several bikes with both the pull start and auto clutch. The auto (centrifugal) clutch is very reliable. I live in Colorado and beat the heck outof my bikes/engines on forestry service roads and have had no problem with the clutch which handles the abuse quite well. In fact, one of my clutches is on its second engine.

    As for the pull start, the pull rope will eventually break so I just replace it with a better quality one before I do the install and viola, no problems!
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    Pull Start Kit.

    I received the pull start from Zoom last week and have inspected it. It looks to me like it will work OK. They did recommend replacing the rope. I do think it will take a little fitting of the part that bolts to the mag magnets to get a good fit and centered? For $20 it seems to be what I expected out of China.

    I looked at the auto clutch and really feel it is doomed to failure. Read where someone had several bushings that rides on the crank that cracked. It is encouraging to read a favorable report on them.

    Probably the next accessory will be an alternator to fit on the pull start side and the engine will end up being 2' wide. )