Pull Start pull start for happpy time?



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I think I read somewhere, the pull start cannot be used on a bump start HT.

You could try but I don;t think it would work without some other modifications.

Hope this helps.

Yeah i emailed him a question like 3 days ago and got no respose on how this would work with the happy time engines.
I guess if you have a non fixed rear sprocket that makes bump starting impossible that would be cool but then:
1) Oh noes. Now I cannot pedal.
2) Pull...pull....clutch in...starts yea!....pedal...pedal..release the clutch so you don't burn it out. How about pedal..pedal...release the clutch...epic win?
3) Oh noes. I broke my string.
The only real benefit I see is that with a non fixed rear sprocket no engine pedaling would be alot easier but then I wouldn't have bought this engine here....
yes i seee what ur saying if i got that i would also have to get the axle he sells, 2-4-1 in his case and i would have to take a pedal off for it to clear, oh welll.
Also I seem to remember that the pull start was for the HT with a centrifical clutch.
So would have to do some parts swaping.

I think that the pull-start has clearance issues with the left side pedals. I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work with a hand clutch HT if the you had the locking clutch lever.