Pulled over Again-It was Good Though

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    My dad, mom, wife and I went for a ride last night. We got stopped because the officer was concerned about our safety it being friday night and it was a busy night. He says " Did you know that theres a bike trail going through the wood for about 15 miles takes ya from debary,fl to osteen,fl". We did know about it and ride it often but didn't wanna tell him that. He says " Heres my card if your just riding for fun you have my permission to ride the bike trail if anyone stops you give them my card and tell them to call me i will take care of it"! Of course he asked us to keep it under 20. But cant beat that the man gave us permission to ride the bike trails!!! So we did all night long and it was a blast!! Were not gonna there during the day time when its busy of course but its a wide bike path and noone is out there at night its sweet.

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    That's a beautiful thing!

    Can you PM me the Police Officers info?


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    With all the poor decision making police out there this man went above and beyond to be a decent person let alone police officer. I hope you have the decency to be a good person as well and send the guy a box of donuts or 10 free coffee's at the local shop as a thank you. Good karma begets good karma. And we need more common sense police officers on the road.
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    Right! Thats the least I could do! Hopefully he leads by example and the other officers take his lead.
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    last week i got pulled over in laughlin, nv. I was clocked at 29mph. the metro officer was cool about it. he said anything over thrity, I would get a free trip to the dmv lol.
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    LoL What kinda kit ya cruising around on? Friction or Chain? CC?
    I always ask em for there cards and i have board i pin them all to. I got about 9 so far!
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    49cc fh chain
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    alot of my friends had a good laughs on this
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    It always good to laugh!!