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    The first part of this summer (2012) i built a pusher trailer from a mini bike frame with a 212cc HF engine. I was very happy with that and I had two Penninger trike that I was using the push trailer behind so I built another push trailer to use with the second trike.

    I was able to pick up a returned HF 99cc motor for $65. The motor had a couple of problems at first such as the out put shaft .005 to big for a 5/8 clutch and a air leak around the throttle shaft. These were easy fixes. I built a trailer an hitch system out of one 20" length of 1 1/4" square tubing. I am using a 6" drive wheel with a 12 and 70 tooth drive sprocket and #35 chain. I have a little over $100 in the trailer plus the $65 engine. I extended the exhaust pipe behind the muffler and built an enclosure for the engine over the trike which makes it handy for carrying stuff.

    I am very pleased with the performance of the 99cc engine. it has more than enough power to push me and the penninger up some fair hills at 20 mph. In fact 20 mph is top speed. I am checking the mpg and it appears that I am getting close to 100 mpg. I could chain the gearing and go faster but I am content with 20 mph even though I left the govern on the engine. The Penninger trike were over built at and make a great comfortable platform for this type of power trike.

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    That's kinda cool - it's a novel way of packaging an engine into a push trailer.
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    Thanks, it works pretty good. I would like to build another one with the Harbor Freight 79cc engine. The 99cc has more then enough power. At first it Didn't start very well and it wouldn't idle. I found that the throttle shaft had a serious air leak so I disassembled the carb and made a gasket for the shaft. That solved that problem. I really enjoy riding the trike it is comfortable and gives me good mpg. I just run around the small town I live next to and do my shopping when needed. Thanks for looking. Mike
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    That different I like different and I like not seeing the motor, it does not over heat? :grenade4::likelots::(:scooter::worship::79::banana::seeya::cheers2::biggrinjester::cowboy::hurray::party:
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    No, it does not overheat. The front Has a hole much like a opening for a doghouse and the back has a 6 to 8 inch round hole, also the bottom side is all open. It looks like a dog house on a trailer. I have a cut out on the right side that I can reach through and move the choke and I reach through the front opening and can pull the rope start. The box pivots from the back and I have trunk latches to hold it down on the front. The box can then pivot back and I can check the oil and add gas. I extended the kill switch wire and used a lamp switch to kill the engine which I can reach just under the seat. On top of the dog house I used 1X6 and built a rack which I have a rubber made storage box for hauling small items. I took a quart oil bottle and filled it with gas and carry it for my reserve fuel this give me an additional 30 miles to look for a gas station. Mike