Looking at helmets.

That is strange, there is only three points where it attaches to the helmet and should just snap right on to it...At least you can return it since it was ordered from Amazon but I would want that visor if I were you.
The holes aren't positioned properly nor are they punched out. I don't really care for helmet visors and have gone my entire life without them.
The helmet fits great and is quite comfortable. The little plastic visor it comes with doesn't work on my helmet for some reason, but I am ok with it as it allows me to simply turn the visor over and wear it flipped up when I don't want to use it.

Yours truly as the best looking ugly model ever.
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Auditioning to model bicycle helmets :LOL:
Nothing wrong with the looks of that helmet. I would buy it. Looks like it my save your noggin in a spill.