Quentons Motors


Zomby Builder

Wow this motor is nice. Quenton builds them right. It started as a brand new NE5 head that he modified, installed the early high lift cam, & Q" mushroom lifters. He also tapered the intake for the 26 mm carb. I took the carb off yesterday to make sure the floats were not sticking & noticed how polished the intake was. I got it adjusted real nice now & already am noticing more power every time I test drive it. Only have about 30 miles on it, but I'll have over 200 before the end of the day. Very smooth & starts right up too.

I'm a big fan too. Mine started as a 2000 WC-1. I don't have the tapered intake or 26mm carb but I do have everything else you have Zomby. And just like yours, it's getting stronger every time I drive it. Woo Hoo. Quenton does it right.

I want one. But I have no money! (cries..)


Yeah Large, Whizzers are neat (just ask anyone who owns one) but don't underestimate your Cronus. It's a sharp bike, plus I'd say it's pretty well a one-of-a kind. BTW, I like the new paint on Cronus' engine.

I may not have any of Quenton's mods on mine yet (outside of the restrictor plate), but it already goes fast enough to scare me. :LOL: