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    Alrighty, well here we are... Going for my first bike build since school is looming around the corner and I don't want to drive from my apt to school in a car every day.

    I need some advice because I have some really nice looking deals on bikes around here.

    So I would like some reviews on what people think, preferably if you have such items as well! :]

    So I will start with what seems it could be the most important feature... The bike!
    Essentially what I am looking for is an older frame with at least 3 speeds, because I will encounter some hills and I don't want the single gear ratio.
    So far, two that have stuck out that I have gone and checked out are a raleigh triumph and a huffy carrera.
    I've been very wary about buying a frame, probably more than I should be... I would like a decent mountain bike or hybrid frame, something that could go offroad a bit

    Now power wise I am torn between these options, either the friction driven subu or tle33, or the dax chain driven setup... so any plus or minus to any would be appreciated.

    I was worried about the fit of the tires though, with the friction drive I planned to get a wider set of wheels and tires, yet I don't know how well they would fit into the road bike frames that I'm looking at, any ideas?

    I just dont want to be sitting with a build thinking, wow this and that would have been so much better.

    Thanks in advance!

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    JMO, no matter what equipment you choose, you WILL say this and that would've been so much better.:jester:

    It's your mindset that will change and question your first and even second MB build, and that's normal.

    I thought it'd be cool to cruise on the bike path and sidewalks to get to work. I like heavy single-speed cruiser bikes, especially the girlie frame. I thought it'd be a perfect frame to build on.

    It WAS, until the need for speed got to me. 20mph was not fast enough. Soon 30mph was too slow and 40mph was cool but not what top speed should be. :whistling:

    Commuting time plummeted from 45 minutes to 27 minutes to 22 minutes to 17 minutes to 11 minutes.

    As I began my quest and manuevered the bike lane never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned keeping up with the cagers, cruising at 40mph for miles at a time.

    Now the only time you'll see me on the path or sidewalk is if the engine quit.

    My advice would be to get a used $150 Trek or Giant with disc brakes, 2.125" tires, HD rims and 14g stainless steel spokes. This will bring you comfortably into 40-something mph range and not be overkill for anything less. DON'T motorize a single-speed bike for commuting.

    If engine quits and you need to pedal it's a bear.

    Your budget and tinker-ability will also dictate if you choose Happy Time, GEBE, friction drive or whatever. I chose friction drive on my first bike and loved it. The same vendor said I'd like his chain drive 100 times better.

    I didn't. I love FD thru thick and thin(tires) and thru driving rain. With 28-speeds I'm still healthy enough to pedal home on wet roads once a month.
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    The best piece of advice I got here on this forum some time back came from a member, Motman:
    You'll just have to try some things to see what works best for you, your style of riding, terrain and weather conditions, to really know.
    That said, since you're posting in 'rackmounts' I assume you're wanting to go in that direction leaving off the HT framemounts.

    Sounds you want to stick with a kit, something that bolts up pretty straight forward out of the box. Rackmonts kits then: friction, belt, chain? They all have their adherents and they all have their pluses....and minuses....but most beat walking, lol.

    Sometimes it's instructive to hear the story of others MB adventure, mine goes like this and I hope it helps with caveat that people usually recommend what they own to reinforce their own decisions.
    I started off with a stock HT setup with my son and when his interests changed I inherited the tinkering. I'm pretty stuck on things being reliable and moved on to the Japanese made engines: Robin and Mitsubishi, but that's what became available to me and I'm convinced the Tanaka and Honda's are every bit as good.

    Those engines I used on friction drives from several makers, some I still own but will be selling them soon. The friction drives are fun and easy to mount. They are great for running around locally and are best on dry, paved roads. They don't work in wet weather well and perform poorly off-road. I've never had much of a problem with them eating tires but if they are not set up right they will. The drive spindles, particularly those made of steel get quite hot on extended trips heating the tire, the worst being when the pavement is hot. I can't really imagine a friction drive being used for an extended touring vehicle. In short, IMO they're good for fair weather joy riding but they're more of a toy than a serious commuter and I guess I've outgrown them.

    I'm riding a Golden Eagle belt drive more and more now and it's shaping up to be what the other kits are not, dependable in all weather, good off-road, a reliable everyday commuter and what I think will make a good touring machine.

    Can't say much about the Titan rackmount and have no experience with them but if you do a search you'll find members here who really like them. I can certainly see reasons to like chain drives and a maybe one or two to not.

    As to bike choices for motorizing, IMO a used chromoly steel frame is far better than any new, big box store bike.

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    I am on my 4th build now and already thinking of number 5. See you will always find something eles you want or something better. so i would tell you to build what you can and learn from it and then start all over again. Atleast thats what I have been doing.
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    I wouldn't motorize the " English " type 3 speed bikes. I tried that & the rough ride was terrible. I would think more of a larger frame, big slick, or semi-slick tire for friction drive. You can use a bike that has several speeds , too.
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    What would be the disadvantages of a belt drive system?