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  1. red-chain.jpg Hey guys,

    As some of you know i'm now in the process of motorizing my schwinn stingray, and it's been going pretty smoothly so far. Anyway, I need to shorten my bike chain a few links. My question is: How do I shorten it? It doesn't have a masterlink so i'm not really sure. It's schwinn "KMC-Z" chain if that helps. I included a picture of it I found on ebay. Thanks for the help!


  2. stude13

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    hi; get a chain breaker and masters and half links. keep breaker and acouple of links in taveling tool kit.
  3. So break the chain? I don't understand what you are trying to say.
  4. stude13

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    search chain breaker it is how you modify the length
  5. ok. So is there any other method of breaking it without having to buy that for $60?
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    get a small socket( 3/16"), stand the socket on end, on a solid surface, have someone hold the chain out horizonal, use a pin punch, or make one from an old screwdriver, that the shaft is a little smaller than the pins in the chain links. carefully center the pin in the chain to be removed, over the hole in the socket.carefully center the pin punch on the chain pin, hit it solid with the hammer, knocking the pin out. you can use any thing solid with a hole a little larger , & deeper than the chain pins. if in doubt , measure twice, mark clearly. good luck.
  7. Perfect! Thank you so much! You're the man!