quick question GEBE rear wheel replacement(s)

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    I've read plenty of threads on the nature of the spokes being abused from to much power and too less of common sence on the ring to spoke assembly on GEBE kits.:whistling:
    I have also talked to the repz at GEBE and they would offer $114.00 US for a 26" 12GA. spoke rear wheel w/ring allready installed(seems like a great deal).

    My only question is if using a stock GX35 Honda and plenty of off the line assist would a fellow really have to worry if they were using shamano hubs and good tight 14GA. spokes.

    I have the motorless GEBE kit in route (can't get here fast enough) and I did not order the Velocity wheel they offered, but I did see this http://www.staton-inc.com/store/pro...le_with_12_gage_Heavy_Duty_Spokes-407-36.html today from another threads link and it got me thinking of ordering it just incase... as you can see it's less money do you think it's comparable even better than the Velocity. Thank you in advanced, and if I overlooked a previous thread on this subject I apologize.

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    The problem, or weakness, with driving off the spokes on the left side is largely the dish in the wheel that allows multi speed cassettes. With a single speed or internal geared hub this is less of an issue. If there has been one common compliant with GEBE, it has usually been been the rear wheel. That said, I've used it with stock 14 Ga wheels without mishap and though I usually never bother to tie spokes, I recommend it in this case regardless of the gauge.

    The link you were looking for:

    Anything I've gotten from Staton has always been a quality product but I'm not a fan of twisted spokes just because I've never found a supplier that wasn't from China. They may be fine but I just don't like them. Note this wheel also has the dual threaded hub which would be an advantage for some but not so much for this type belt drive.

    The GEBE wheels BTW are listed at $59 + $25 shipping so the prices are fairly in line and the Gebe wheel comes with the long, solid axle which you would need anyway.
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  3. Go to your local bicyle shop and you can buy a 12 gauge rim for around 32 bucks....Dont use a 14 gauge rim,it will give you nothing but trouble....Dont tie the spokes,there is no reason to....With the 12 gauge spokes you will have no problems at all with rims....

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    thanks for the info fellas
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    Rear Wheel GEBE

    I am late, I know.

    Whether you buy an assembled GEBE wheel, as I did, or lace or buy another, suggest strongly that you install with 9 or 8.5" axle and appropriate cassette. Makes for less problems later.