Carby Real Walbro carb and heat spacer Mani

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    I've been researching the diaphragm carb conversion and have found the kit to be overpriced for having a knock off walbro carb.

    I've come to find that this manifold looks to be perfect! HDA insulator-manifold

    This is the matching carb, though it may be a bit large.

    this one will probably be better

    I'd need a ht motor to test on but I think the wt-257 is better suited to this engine size. Both need a pulse signal ferrel installed on the diaphragm cover but they are single feed and not primer carbs, and that means no fooling around with a second ferrel on the fuel tank.

    I just found this too big venturi 1027 carb

    But if you don't mind adding a return fuel line I suggest the WT-813 because this carb has an accelerator pump.

    Or this can be used to remove the primer function on wt series carbs. diaphragm cover , if u close off the fuel port with JB weld or a set screw.

    Then this one is setup for pulse HDA-223
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    Some long studs, an airfilter and gaskets. It should be fairly straightforward. But if you want any help if your doing this for the first time just ask I'll do what I can. If your upgrading from a knock off carb it will be even easier.

    All that is needed extra is the throttle linkage and if you search DDM you will find a kit with the 813 that has everything you need. This prep kit will work on the wt series carbs and possibly the hda series as well.

    But the RSE kits come with another style I have no experience with.
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