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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Timbone, May 17, 2015.

  1. Timbone

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    moto6.jpg Here's a pic of me taking a break from zipping around town at 100+ mpg. That's a GT2-A frame and my size is 5'11, about 180 lbs. I measured the wheelbase at 45".

    Couple of stories: this bike is very reliable and I ride it everyday now that it is warm (I haven't driven my car in over a week!). Still, the occasional strange thing happens. Today, I am cruising home and I heard a "clink", but the bike is revving up to speed and rolling very well. I look back and see something in the road, disappearing behind me as I pick up speed. Had to go back and check it out. My kickstand had fallen off! I had a big allen wrench in the backpack and reattached it quickly.

    Last Sunday, I was cruising through a Southern Indiana town, doing about 30mph down the highway. Then, instantly, plouf! No power. Bike is rolling still, fast coast, but no motor fire, no lock up, no response to throttle.

    Roll off the highway and look down. I can see the spark plug is gone! Did it break off? WTH? How am I gonna fix that?

    I came to a full stop and I saw the spark plug; it was hanging tight in the plug wire, just bouncing around! The spark plug had slowly unscrewed itself over time and, eventually, ploop!

    So I get the wrench out of the backpack...

    Happy Motoring!


  2. Slogger

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    Lolz- my old Triumph TR6 used to shake pieces loose a lot. My right foot peg fell off all the time, so I finally safety wired it, then the left foot peg fell off.

    Those gas tank frames sure are cool. If I ever do another bike I want one of those.
  3. Timbone

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    I only spent $150 for the frame. I think some site is selling them for $139 with free shipping. Worth every penny!
  4. Large Filipino

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    My newest build is based on that frame.
    I love how you gave it some patina!
  5. Slogger

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    That's a good price, I thought they were about 250.
  6. Timbone

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    The GT2-S, the one with the straight down tube, costs a bit more. Not sure why. I think I saw a cost of $199 somwhere. I think the straight tube version looks a bit more motorcyclish.