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    I'm stuck waiting for part's before I can finish my first MB. Registered it last week and had to find a way to display the registration sticker so that it could be easily seen from the rear. At least it gave me soemthing to do. I was just going to cut a sheet of plexi or metal and zip tie it to my seat but I wanted something that wouldnt be so easy to remove (it is just a sticker, but they are a pain to remove once they have been on a while and get nearly destroyed in the process).

    Simple peice of 2x4x.25 aluminum with a pocket milled to make a recess for the sticker, then the edges rounded off and holes dropped around the outside for a backing plate. Was sand blasted after I took it off the mill.


    I originally had it mounted to the top of the chain stay's using a backing pate to sandwich the chainstay but then decided I wanted a pannier which would obscure it there so I moved it to the pannier. There's a rear plate with 4 holes to screw it onto the little metal tab on the back of the topeak panner, the main holder then bolt's onto the bigger plate.... not the best way, but I wanted to reuse what I had rather than make a new one.

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    nice job !!!
    I like your attention to detail ;)