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    I had a problem with the little plastic kill switch for the Raw 2 stroke motor kits, i have had a few kits for different bikes and they all broke or didnt always work. So I decided to pick up a micro switch from radio shack and soldered the wires on and put it in place of the old one. Its an easy fix id recommend anyone to do if they by one of these kits.

    heres a link to the switch i used

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  2. motorpsycho

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    nice bike man!!
    are those 26" wheels??
  3. djnitro09

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    ya 26" black, i think 80 spoke
  4. motorpsycho

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    pretty cool! How did you get the sprocket mounted to the back rim with the spokes like that?
    On my 20" lowrider, it has 48 spokes (i think) which are straight laced, and i had trouble getting all of the bolt hols in the sprocket to be in between spokes. (but i fionally got it figured out after awhile)
    are you using the stock rag joint for the sprocket?

    I really like the no fender look, and the solo gives it a roadster look.
    you should make a custom exhaust pipe, and put on a better air filter.
    here's my 20" lowrider.
  5. djnitro09

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    Thanks, Mounting the sprocket with that many spokes is not easy, it takes about an hour and ahalf and you have to cut the end of some of the spokes and just let them get pinched in between the 2 rubber pieces that pinch all the spokes. I have done it with 120 spoke rims and it took over 2 hours for those ones, its pretty difficult. it seems like it would ruin the strength of the rim but with that many spokes, takin out 5 or 6 isnt a big deal

    yes stock everything on the motor kit

    thats a sick 20" i didnt know it was possible to put one of these motors in a frame that small, you had no problems mounting it?

    did the air filter help that much? im thinking about getting one
  6. motorpsycho

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    yep it is possible to put one of these engines on a 20" frame, but you need the version of the engine that doesn't have the intake manifold tube. (which is pretty hard to come by now).
    Mouting it was easy, i just had to make a spacer to go between the crank case and the rear engine mount plate.
    the air filter mad a small difference, nothing major. I put it on mostly for the looks and for clearance between the carb. and the seat post tube.